Re: 3cms Quickstarter

Chris G8BKE

I've just put together a simple 10GHz Tx/Rx using modern parts, which appeared way back in a
in 1989 by DC0DA, mainly to see how it performed. It uses two GaAs fets and a handful of other
surface mount components which keeps the cost down. But one still needs a LO along the lines
of X24 and X4 modules. In my case an old DDK004 and WDG X4 filled the bill. Performance / cost
wise it probably falls somewhere between a simple wideband system and say a full blown DB6NT
narrowband system.

73 de Chris G8BKE

Yes well done lads, there was a few people talking about it at the local
club last night( maybe for my benefit?). Mind you they were less interested
when I told them how much the transverter was ready built :-)

Yes, that's my only concern for prospective newcomers. Unless they go
for the very simple stuff (and the DB6NT KIT route isn't simple so
many would have to buy the ready made module), they have to shell out
several hundred Pounds. That's not something I would be prepared to do
just to see if I liked microwaves :-) We need a VERY cheap and easy
route in addition to the one in Radcom for those who want to have a
preliminary "dabble".

Don't get me wrong... the RadCom article is an excellent starter for
those willing to spend the money :-).

Those of us who have been in the uWave game for some decades were
fortunate enough to be able to try microwaves for as little as five to
ten pounds by going down the ubiquitous 10GHz wideband FM route! What
do people think would be a cheap starting figure these days (30-60
???). It is just possible to do that on 23cm with an old Microwave
Modules 23cm transverter at around 50 at rallies or on Ebay. I'm also
assuming one would make one's own antenna.

Peter, G3PHO

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