Re: 10ghz Gunnplexer setup help!

David Wrigley <zen130696@...>

Hi Tony,

Your best bet is the mixer diode from an LNB

But whilst this will produce harmonics it won't tell you which one you have - unless you feed it thru a WG filter.
It should be possible to design a very broadband and easily constructed filter to enable harmonics in the region of 10 to 10.5 Ghz. 432MHz would give you a good harmonic on 10368. Measuring the distance between peaks or nulls with a rule will give you a clue as the the region of the freq.

I've just checked my old LNB's - they use a later IC in place of the old diode pair.

David G6GXK

Tony Gallagher wrote:

Hi everyone,
Ive recently started experimenting with 10ghz and Im currently
building a 10ghz gunnplexer transceiver as a entry level project.
I need to locate a 1N23 mixer diode or similar to calibrate the




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