10ghz Gunnplexer setup help!

Tony Gallagher <tony_g_ireland@...>

Hi everyone,
Ive recently started experimenting with 10ghz and Im currently
building a 10ghz gunnplexer transceiver as a entry level project.
I need to locate a 1N23 mixer diode or similar to calibrate the

This is what I've found online, (its a quote from
http://www.g3pho.free-online.co.uk/microwaves/setup.htm )
I hope its ok to include it in this email.

It reads.......................

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use a 2m, 70cm or 23cm low
power signal to drive a microwave diode so that a whole string of
harmonics is produced, at least one falling into the 10GHz band. The
higher the original signal the more likely you are to find the
correct harmonic. Only a few hundred milliwatts drive (say up to
500mW) will be needed to produce a few, easily-heard microwatts on
10GHz. The easiest way to do this is to simply connect a microwave
mixer diode (eg a 1N23 or similar, or even a more modern type such
as one taken from a surplus X band Satellite LNB) across a BNC
socket. Solder it from the spiggot to the body of the connector.
Then feed 2m, 70cm etc in via a length of coax. Poke the diode end
of the assembly near to the mouth of the doppler module's waveguide
and coarse tune the module until you hear the signal. This is made
much easier if you switch on the TONE OSCILLATOR which is part of
the simple circuitry described in this article.

I need to locate a 1N23 or similar. Can anyone suggest a possible
source or name a few easily obtained ghz mixer diodes that will
produce harmonics and allow me to "find the 10ghz band".
Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been covered before.



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