Hi John,
thanks for the report on hearing GB3MHK. That is a great relief as I'm having problems hearing it here! The present arrangement is temporary, as previously stated. The signal should be a bit stronger once the beacon outdoor unit goes outdoors on the balcony rail. That won't be for a while as the top section of the tower is due to be re-painted sometime this summer.
Also, the beacon outdoor unit needs to have some attention as I now believe that the very old DB6NT MKU LO 12 unit may be the source of the mode jumping of about 1kHz. This is not the usual jitter problem as the 125.254MHz source was settling down nicely here, whilst on test. The use of a new and longer cable possibly provoked the problem.

I will probably obtain a new MKU LO 12 from Michael later this month.
The beacon output is currently 250mW to a 10dBi gain antenna. This is screened back into the tower, but you are pretty much on the main lobe out of the tower window. So, EIRP ~2.5W
Unfortunately (!) the beacon will be re-aligned back to .830MHz at some stage. Probably when the MKU is changed.

All of this is subject to G3XDY's assistance, as the official beacon keeper. John has the last word!

G3XDY and G4FSG will no longer be able to claim the beacon as 'Simon and Sam's private 24GHz beacon'!

Noted on hearing the beacon when the 10G signals were not S9+.

Thanks for the report.

73 de Sam

g4eat wrote:


You will be pleased to know I heard MHK 53s last night after the rain
had left Wimbledon and swept over Ipswich.

The usual rule of "sigs need to be at least S9 on 10G" did not apply
as MHX was S6rs. I suspect this is more of a function of the antenna
patterns in my direction and lower ERP on 10G towards me.

On a selfish note, I am quite happy with the beacon being on 822 as
my IF at 1296MHz already has a strong MHL component at 830 !!

Sam, what's your estimate of the MHK ERP in my direction?

Well done on building this fine will help the ever
increasing activity on 24G.

73's John G4EAT

--- In, SAM JEWELL wrote:
> The Martlesham Radio Society (G4MRS) are pleased to announce that
GB3MHK, on 24048.830MHz, is now QRV from the Martlesham radio tower.
It is located in a temporary location inside the tower and this is
restricting coverage to due west with a possible 3dB beam width of
240 - 310degrees.
> Re-painting of the tower will be completed later this summer. Once
it is we will move the beacon outdoor unit to its proper outside
> The oscillator source is currently giving some concern. It was
working very well when it left here, but listening to it now, the
frequency is showing some random mode jumping. Currently, the beacon
is about 5kHz low in frequency. This will be corrected, probably next
> regards
> Sam, G4DDK
> for G4MRS

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