?MGFK30m4045 and MGFK25M4045 for 10 GHz

bart_ghz <shf2@...>


I'm quite new to the µW bands but I want to learn.
I recently builded a db6nt transverter for 3 cm and it gives met 23,5
dBm Psat.But I have here a Ku band transmitter.The Fets used are
K30M4045 and a K25M4045 as driver.There is also an avantek SMP89-6269.
Of the avantek i can't find anything on the net.The fets are internaly
matched for 14 GHz.Is there a good design to use them for 3 cm?I found
on the net that a German om builded a 1.2W amplifier with the K30M4045.
The datasheet states 6 dB gain so my transverter should suffice as
Is it easy to match input and output to the new frequency or is a
complete new pcb on the order.

Any ideas are appreciated.It gives me an idea if i have to go through
with it or if I have to build something with more suitable fets.

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