All Band Activity Day

g0dja <dave.g0dja@...>

(Resending online, as it did not get through from my email system)

I spent some time listening and sometime arranging skeds on the ON4KST
system, to see what difference it would make having a way of
prearranging contacts over the other day when I didn't have KST in the

Contacts were made with G4KIY (Keith - 108km), G8VR (Ken - 277km),
G4FSG (Graham - 214knm), GM4CXM (Ray - 361km) and G7NCG (Ted - 119km).
However, I was only active on and off between about 15:00 and 18:00
UTC. Mainly because I'd forgotten that it was an 'All Band' day as
most people seemed to be arranging 10 and 24G contacts. That will
teach me to keep an eye on the callendar!

On the station upgrade front, I called the local supplier of
Echoflex15 the other day, he hopes to have fresh stocks sometime
towards the end of this week.

Dave (G0DJA)

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