Steve Bunting M0BPQ

We opened the Gilwell Park Scout amateur radio shack for CQ WPX SSB this weekend and were joined by some of the Camb Hams who added some welcome contest experience. The Scout team are inexperienced contesters so we ran multi-2 to maximise radio time – one operator has not been on HF for years! The team reached 1000Qs in about 18 hours and after a slow start to Sunday a low band surge took us over our 2000Q target before we packed up at 1900z. M0LTE built a neat dashboard in his off time that sniffed N1MM network traffic and displayed stats by operator on a separate screen. A bit of internal competition drove certain members on! The code is available on Github if you would like to use it.

Conditions were not great, with 15m providing spotty openings (with DX rather than rate) and 40m and 80m were noisy. This proved to be a great test of the latest station layout and I am looking forward to implementing some changes over the next few months. I really do need to build an SO2R antenna switch.

Scores on the doors [let’s see how formatting transfers]:

Band     QSOs     Pts  WPX  Pt/Q

   3.5     437    1106  253   2.5

     7     690    1734  256   2.5

    14     877    1699  350   1.9

    21     122     296   57   2.4

 Total    2126    4835  916   2.3

Score: 4,428,860

Flex 6500 and Flex 6300;

Acom 100 and Expert 1.3K,

80m Dipole @70 feet

40m 2 El at 60 feet

20m 4 el (OB16-3) at 75 feet

15m 3 el (A3S) at 110 feet     

5B4AGN BPF and co-ax stubs on amplifier outputs

Nothing heard on our visits to 10m!

73, Steve M0BPQ

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