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TrollopeAndHisContemporaries is a listserv group where people are invited to discuss Trollope's work and that of his 19th century contemporaries. We define the period generously from 1800-post1918, and cover all countries. We began in 1995 on Elizabeth Thompson's listserv at Majordomo and were founded as a separate group which had a dual focus by Michael Powe in Fall 1997. Our banner heading is George Hicks's painting, The General Post Office, One Minute to Six"  (1860).

Donald Pleasence as Mr Harding from the BBC 1983 Barchester Chronicles.

Our schedule:

  • We are reading Trollope's Miss Mackenzie. We are then going to read three of Forster's lesser known novels, Where Angels Fear to Tread, the Longest Journey and Maurice. The first and third have excellent film adaptations
  • Then Trollope's Lord Palmerston (and maybe a good biography to go with it), and then Last Chronicle of Barset -- 
  • Then Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris and with a novel inbetween by another author (Trollope's La Vendee and/or a Margaret Oliphant?) in summer 2020 we will again tackle Hugo's Les Miserables
Movies: 19th century books on and film adaptations and historical movies set in or about our very long 19th century, including but not limited to the film adaptations of any and historical novels and Victorian and neo-Victorian novels are  part of our terrain. We last watched as a group and singly different film adaptations of The Woman in White, Little Women and Andrew Davies's 2018 Les Miserables.

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