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We are a screened network of rescues and shelters working to save dogs and cats primarily in WV and eastern KY. Our rescues are located in the northeastern states from MD up into New England. Any rescues wishing to join must submit this application for screening. If your application is approved, you will have access to transport services from all of the shelters in our network to northeastern states.

If you are a shelter looking for rescue assistance and are able to transport your dogs as far as Hagerstown MD by midday on Saturdays, you can submit this application for shelter membership. Please note: Sometimes hitching options are available with other shelters near Charleston WV, Ripley WV, Hinton WV, Lexington VA, or Morgantown WV.

If you are a volunteer who can drive dogs on Saturday transports anywhere between KY and New England, please submit the driver application to be added to our driver network.


This is a professional shelter/rescue network. If you click the Join button without submitting one of our applications, your membership request will be denied. We screen everyone prior to admittance into this network.


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