The New Era was the 3rd edition of Traveller to emerge from GDW. It covered the struggles of nation-states, pocket empires, and heroic individuals as they rebuilt civilization from the ashes and rubble of the Rebellion and Virus.

With Marc Miller's approval, Avenger Enterprises developed new material that finished the TNE story and then moved beyond it to the next milieu: 1248. In November of 2008, their license expired, thus forcing them to put TNE on hold indefinitely. It's up to us now to do with the story as we see fit.

In an effort to keep out spammers, all membership applications are screened. As this group is just getting started in the wake of Yahoogroups' demise, please bear with me while I get everyone on board. There will likely be a delay, but I'll do my best to keep it to a minimum.

No material generated by conversations held on this list may be copied elsewhere without the permission of the author(s) involved. That includes quoting what people say about X, Y, and Z. This is a sanctuary for fans of TNE. It should not be used to start flame wars in other forums.

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