This list is for selling, buying, and trading railroad related Books, RR historical society publications, Train magazines, Timetables, DVDs, CDs, VHS tape (original not copies) and other railroad related media. Also now permitted are items of Railroadiana - e.g. lamps,. keys, locks, china, silverware, glassware, etc. There will be no links to eBay, other paid-ad sites or commercial web sites. Individuals and Dealers are welcome to list items for sale in their messages to this list. Swaps and trades are welcome as are sale items. Please feel free to post a 'wish list' of items you need or want. If you are selling, please limit re-posting of the listed item/s to once every 7 days - this does not apply however if you are adding or deleting items. Transactions are between the buyer and seller and thus are to be handled person to person as opposed to "on the list". Please provide a VALID email address in your post so members can contact you. The list owner and moderators assume no liability for any transaction conducted as a result of a posting on this list. There is no need to post a statement "contact seller off list". When you use the reply button it goes directly to the seller. This is not a discussion list. Questions of "How do I... are outside the bounds of this list. Enjoy the yard sale, we hope you sell/find/trade some bargains and rare items.

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