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Public Places and Gentrification Sources and Publications



Amster, Randall.

Street people and the contested realms of public space.

LFB Scholarly Publishing, 2004.





Gibson, Chris, and Shane Homan.

"Urban Redevelopment, Live Music and Public Space."

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"Is gentrification transforming the city’s public spaces."

New York Times (2007).




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"Are Revitalizing Actions with Respect to Public Spaces

Contributing to the Gentrification Process?

Some Preliminary Results on the Socio-residential

Dynamic of Three Cities."

In Shrinking Cities, Sprawling Suburbs, Changing Countrysides.

European Network for Housing Research International Conference.

Dublin, vol. 69. 2008.




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"Love Thy Neighbour? Social Mixing in London's Gentrification Frontiers."

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 In ENHR 2007 International Conference

‘Sustainable Urban Areas, p. 13. 2007.




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"Public Space Design as Class Warfare: Urban Design,  

The Right to the City' and the Production of Clinton Square, Syracuse, NY."

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International Case Studies in Urban Design and Development

(2010): 237-242.





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"Visions of Public Space: Reproducing and Resisting Social Hierarchies

in a Community Garden."

In Sociological Forum, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 209-227. 2015.





Patch, Jason.

"Ladies and Gentrification: New Stores, Residents, and Relationships

In Neighborhood Change."

Gender in an Urban World», Research in Urban Sociology

9 (2008): 103-126.





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"Ecological Gentrification:

A Research Agenda Exploring Justice in the City."

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

33, no. 3 (2009): 621-639.




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"Gentrification Dispositifs in the Historic Centre

of Madrid: A Re-Consideration of Urban Governmentality

and State-Led Urban Reconfiguration."

Global gentrifications: Uneven development and displacement

(2015): 375-394.




Pennay, Amy, Elizabeth Manton, and Michael Savic.

"Geographies of Exclusion: Street Drinking,

Gentrification and Contests over Public Space."

International Journal of Drug Policy 25, no. 6 (2014): 1084-1093.




Langegger, Sig.

"Right-Of-Way Gentrification:

Conflict, Commodification and Cosmopolitanism."

Urban Studies (2015): 0042098015583783.




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"Drunk and Disorderly: Alcohol, Urban Life and Public Space."

Progress in Human Geography 30, no. 4 (2006): 451-468.




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"New-Generation Public Spaces–How Inclusive Are They."

Middle East Technical University,

Department of City and Regional Planning (2004).





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in a Global City.

Routledge, 2009.




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"Retail gentrification and race:

The Case of Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon."

Urban Affairs Review 47, no. 3 (2011): 413-432.




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and Christophe Jemelin.

"The role of transport in gentrification."

In Présentation à la World Conference on. 2007.




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"Displacement and the New Spaces for Informal Trade

in the Latin American City Centre."

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"The Segregation of Educated Youth

and Dynamic Geographies of Studentification."

Area 46, no. 1 (2014): 92-100.




Bolzoni, Magda.

"Whose Street is This? Commercial Gentrification,

Symbolic Ownership and Legitimate Uses of Public Spaces

in a Changing Neighbourhood of Turin, Italy."

In XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

(July 13-19, 2014). Isaconf, 2014.




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Sage, 2004.




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"Emerging Political Paradigms."

Urban Geography 23, no. 5 (2002): 433-440.




Myers, Elizabeth.

"The Architecture of Community: Public Space

in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside."





Riegler, Johannes.

Competitiveness vs. Social Balance: Gentrification as Urban Policy

in Cases in Budapest And Vienna.

na, 2011.




Shaw, Kate.

"A Response to ‘The Eviction of Critical Perspectives

from Gentrification Research’."

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

32, no. 1 (2008): 192-194.




Anderson, Noel S., Alessandro Busà, Evrick Brown, Jennifer Candipan,

Phyllis Conn, Roberta Cordeau, William DiFazio et al.

The World in Brooklyn: Gentrification, Immigration, and Ethnic Politics

N A Global City.

Lexington Books, 2012.




Langegger, Sig.

"Viva La Raza! a Park, a Riot and Neighbourhood Change in North Denver."

Urban Studies 50, no. 16 (2013): 3360-3377.





Raco, Mike, and Robert Imrie, eds.

Urban Renaissance?: New Labour, Community and Urban Policy.

MIT Press, 2003.





The Square and the Gardens: Experiences of Public Space

in Gentrifying London

Jamie Keddie




Is Gentrification Transforming the City’s Public Spaces?

By Sewell Chan

August 14, 2007 12:29 pm





Does Placemaking Cause Gentrification? It’s Complicated.

By Juliet Kahne on

November 3, 2015

Project for Public Spaces





Equitable Placemaking: Not the End, but the Means

Project for Public Spaces




Visions of Public Space: Reproducing and Resisting Social

Hierarchies in a Community Garden

Sofya Aptekar

Sociological Forum, Vol. 30, No. 1, March 2015

DOI: 10.1111/socf.12152


Eastern Sociological Society




Public Space / Gentrification

Joaquín Barriendos Rodríguez

Atlas of Transformation




Altering the Urban Frontier: Gentrification and Public Parks

 in New York City

Sarah E. Evers

Pitzer College




Images of the Street: Planning, Identity and Control in Public Space

Editor   Nicholas Fyfe

Publisher           Routledge, 2006

ISBN     1134734409, 9781134734405

Length 304 pages




Global Gentrifications: Uneven Development and Displacement

Editors                Loretta Lees, Hyun Bang Shin, Ernesto Lopez-Morales

Edition reprint

Publisher           Policy Press, 2015

ISBN     144731347X, 9781447313472

Length 416 pages




Perspectives on Public Space in Rome, from Antiquity to the Present Day

Author Jan Gadeyne

Editor   Gregory Smith

Publisher           Routledge, 2016

ISBN     1317081706, 9781317081708

Length 434 pages





Urban Plots, Organizing Cities

Author Claudio Coletta

Editor   Giovanna Sonda

Publisher           Routledge, 2016

ISBN     1317003551, 9781317003557

Length 178 pages





Gentrification in Neighbourhood Development:

Case Studies from New York City, Berlin and Vienna

Volume 7 of Veröffentlichungen zur Numismatik

Author Yvonne Franz

Edition illustrated

Publisher           V&R unipress GmbH, 2015

ISBN     3847104004, 9783847104001

Length 289 pages






The Gentrification of Nightlife and the Right to the City:

Regulating Spaces of Social Dancing in New York

Volume 6 of Routledge Advances in Geography

Author Laam Hae

Publisher           Routledge, 2012

ISBN     1136331794, 9781136331794

Length 12 pages




Whose Public Space?: International Case Studies

in Urban Design and Development

Editor   Ali Madanipour

Publisher           Routledge, 2013

ISBN     1135173346, 9781135173340

Length 288 pages
















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