FYI: Turner in Tottenham and on Herne Hill

Joseph Nicholas

See below.  Note also that Margaret Burr will be speaking on B G Windus and the Turner Tottenham connection -- a reprise of the packed-out talk she delivered at the National Gallery earlier this year -- at Bruce Castle Museum at 12.15pm on Monday 30 September.  Further details can be found in the events calendar on the Museum's website.

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Subject: Turner in Tottenham and on Herne Hill
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Tottenham - where Turner collector B.G.Windus (and also one of my ancestors) lived in first half of 19th century!
Selby Whittingham

Palestrina - Composition by J.M.W.Turner, painted for Lord Egremont 1828-9, but purchased by Elhanan Bicknell, 1844.
Elhanan Bicknell paid 1,000 gs;  twenty years later Ruskin said it would be worth four times that amount in five years time.
The frame is original and, like the picture, exemplifies Turner's departure from his early neoclassical style.

Please find attached the notice of our lectures in Kensington on 20 November on two major Turner patrons of the second half of his career.

These are our final contribution to the Ruskin Bicentenary Year.  Other Ruskin and Turner  events are listed on the second attachment.
(You might care to also attend the Ruskin lunchtime lecture at the V&A on the same day).

We hope you will be able to come.  If so, you can book a ticket through Eventbrite.

Selby Whittingham 
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