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Our Tottenham coordination meeting: 

22 August 2019, 7.30 – 9.15pm at Tottenham Community Sports Centre

Notes of meeting (Mark Panton)   [Plus attached]

In attendance: Carlos (WCC), Chris (StArt), Dave (StArt), George (TWT), Jasmine (part – FMGL), Mark (Researcher), Martin (FDLP), Paul (HDCH), Shirley (WCC), Tom (Royal Holloway University). Apols: Dave Morris (FLR)

We received updates from the groups present as follows:

Chris (StArt)

Chris outlined the background to the project.  The original plan for the site was to include 150 social housing units, but this target may now be reduced to 50 social housing units.  Members of the Trust have also been told that they would not have an administrative office on the site within Mayfield House.  There appears to be a serious attempt to silence the voice of the local community, in discussing the issues surrounding the development.  The GLA attitude is for the St Anne’s Community Trust to comply with its approach of for the Trust to be on the outside of the development.

The AGM of the St Anne’s Community Trust will take place at Chestnuts Primary School on 28 September and everybody is invited to attend.

Carlos (Latin Market / Ward’s Corner Coalition)

Carlos stated that the Judicial Review against the Compulsory Purchase Order for the Latin Market will take place at the High Court on 8 and 9 October.  The main ground of the application is that the Community Plan submitted by the community of traders (in all its versions, including the latest 4th version) has not been given proper consideration by Haringey Council.  Having submitted the 4th version of the plan earlier in August, the coalition is hoping for more of a listening ear from the council.  The Community Plan includes social housing on a small scale together with community space for start-ups and for other types of community events.

George (London Renters Union)

George set out the background to the LRU.  It started out to be mainly involved in private rentals, but has also become involved with campaigns related to council housing.  The LRU is now London-wide with branches in Newham, Hackney and Lewisham.  It is specifically working on rent control, section 21 evictions and YesDSS campaigns.  The organisation has a website, is on Twitter and publishes a newsletter.  Individuals and groups are invited to join and to subscribe.

Shirley (Just Space)

Shirley discussed the London Plan and the hard work of Just Space together with all the individuals involved, but its outcome being development-led.  Shirley asked what the strategy might be to exert influence?  There was some discussion about empowerment and the possibility of these issues of how to influence such bodies being the subject of a conference.

Dave (StArt)      

Dave continued the theme of how to be more effective.  Dave said StArt had been confronted with the issue as to whether it could exert more influence being around the table or being on the outside.

Paul (Haringey Defend Council Housing)

Paul said that the examination in public of the London Plan had been to some extent rewarding, but also frustrating with much of it developer-led.  Since 2010 the rent focus had moved to “affordable rent”. There has been a push to sell council land to private developers with council rents increasing, although Haringey had a good record on this issue.  It happens on a covert basis and good practice needs to be enforced.  Paul has written to try to support good practice and to make enquiries.  There is a Regulator of Social Housing.  These issues impact disproportionately on the BAME community and on families with a woman as head of the household.

Mark (Researcher)

Mark debriefed on the Tate Exchange event that ran from 6-11 August at Tate Modern.  The Tottenham section of the event looked at the impact of the new Spurs stadium on the local community.  A reception, organised by Peacock Industrial Estate, was held on 6 August at which 50 people attended, including those from PIE, Love Lane Estate as well as local councillors Dawn Barnes, John Bevan, Dana Carlin and Ruth Gordon together with Bek Seeley from Lendlease.  The centre of the exhibition was a 2-metre high wooden Trojan horse designed and made by Martin Bates from PIE.   On 7 August there were talks from Martin Ball and Reverend Paul Nicholson, which led to an article appearing in the Daily Mirror on 9 August by Ros Wynne-Jones on the impact of the stadium on residents and businesses.  This led to a response on Twitter from Joe Eijiofor.  On 8 August at Tate Exchange Tottenham Community Press allowed people to design their own front page of a newspaper.

It was suggested by Chris that the Trojan horse could be made into a 3-D logo and used by Our Tottenham and other community groups.  MP will check with Martin Bates and Amanda Lillywhite (designer) about the possibility of designing such a logo for use.

Paul (Haringey Defend Council Housing)

Paul said there seemed to have been a wider change in views about estate demotions with the Executive Mayor of Lewisham recently stating it was not sustainable anymore and there was lessappetite for doing this anymore.  HDCH has written to the executive member for housing about the council’s plans with 4,605 council homes on 10 sites still at risk of demolition. 

George (The World Transformed)

TWT is an event that will take place as part of the Arts, Culture and Politics Festival around the Labour Party conference in Brighton, 21-24 September.   The TWT event will be part of the municipal Socialism and Radicalising Local Politics stream taking place from 1.00 – 3.00 pm on 24 September.  The event will be cabaret style with people moving around the room between 3 projects.  Among the issues discussed will be ‘What can be learned from the Latin Village?’ and ‘Community wealth building from below’.  Different principles that can be learned from the campaigns involving Ward’s Corner, TAG and StArt will be discussed.

Chris, supported by Carlos, argued there needed to be an end to confidentiality in public procurement.

Jasmine (Friends of Marcus Garvey Library)

Jasmine outlined the main issue facing the Marcus Garvey Library, which still relates to the garden at the back of the premises.  Jasmine said they just really need one councillor to stand up for them.  There are problems with the Regen Team, which seems to want to concrete over most of the garden and open up use of the back door to the library.  There seems to be a new council, but little change in attitude from the previous regime.  Jasmine was interested in people’s views as to what could be done due to the lack of change.

Chris suggested making some outrageous claims.

Carlos said that the Latin Market had gone to the United Nations and if the JR failed, would do so again.

Paul said that some things have changed in housing with the plan to build 1,000 council homes, buying housing for use by council tenants when it becomes available and a revised Addendum C.  Other things have not changed.  With the plan to build 1,000 homes, there is no development team in place.  As a result 61 in-fill sites have been identified for building.  Councils are also still wedded to the idea of building private homes to cross-subsidise council homes.

Paul said that the defeat of the HDV had sent shockwaves among developers.  For example, Milton Keynes had stopped demolitions in the context of the Haringey HDV.

Shirley (Just Space)

There is a lot of student interest in what is going on in Tottenham, but numerous ways in which they get involved with community groups.  Just Space, along with 13 universities, is trying to set out what community groups expect from students that want to become involved and what students could expect from their involvement.  [A protocol has been developed and is available here: https://justspace2010.wordpress.com/welcome-to-just-space/about-2/research-protocol/ ]

Martin (Friends of Down Lane Park)

Martin summarised developments on a number of issues

- Spurs complaints related to Event Days and ambitions to push out social housing.  Also to demolish housing in Worcester Park.NFL ambitions to take over Bruce Park and Bruce Castle Museum.

- Tottenham Hale: 5 building sites with a road through it – many complaints. 

- Tottenham High Road: council trying to reinvigorate.

- TAG Love Lane: look out for publicity

- XR: event on 7-8 September.  Martin to circulate information.

Next Meeting: 7.30 pm, 17 October at Tottenham Community Sports Centre(venue tBCF)









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