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Matthew Williams

Just an observation my Jabiru engine could overheat and this led to me having to constantly adjust the tappit clearances. Overheating any metal object leads to warping which is why the engine went POP one day. Parts were going to be a joke price so I just gave up the whole aircraft at that point. Aircooled engines are a bit of a joke if you ask me and I would never consider one ever again. Lack of Ultralam skins from Thruster and the move to skins which will only last you a few years at best have put the nail in the coffin for Thruster sales in my opinion. I think I had some of the last ever full set of Ultralams from Thruster and apaprently they cant get them anymore because they say they dont make ULTRALAM.... funny that because I was able to source it for them and contacted the parent company who own the rights to the Ultralam Process and they were happy to supply. This fell on deaf ears at Thruster so you have an aircraft company that doesnt listen using engines that you cant get parts for. Truster actually told me they wanted me to try new skins that werte untested by them and I would have to get the certified. Does that sound like a fair thing for me to have to do so everyone behind me could get the skins on their aircraft based on the cert work I did.  HELLLLLLOOOOOOO. Hmmmmm..... I see why they failed.  Great aircraft otherwise so what a shame.

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BZNP was purchased from Derryogue in Northern Ireland in January 2017 and brought to Priory Farm by road. She remained there with wings off while I had some areas of the skins repaired and cleaned and repainted the tail feather frames. I also had the prop inspected and refurbished, replaced a few cables, the tyres and tidied the electrics. When I got my license in July 2018, I had her inspected for Permit. My first flight in her since purchase was the check flight, assisted by a very helpful club member and Thruster owner at Priory Farm.

After a few very enjoyable hours of flying, the Jabiru engine suffered a dropped valve on my way back from Northrepps in February 2018, leading to a deadstick landing in a field. All went well, with both pilot and aircraft re-useable. Since then, I have wasted most of a year trying to get ‘genuine’ parts from Jabiru, before deciding to source parts independently. The engine is now in a workshop which I can’t access under the current restrictions, but she will be reassembled and permitted as soon as possible.



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It’s great seeing everyone’s Thrusters. Keep them coming. 

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