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Tom Dziadkiewicz

Thanks for that. I’ve got hold of an A6E from afors. All the current models are unnecessarily complex. Does anyone use a transponder in their thruster? When I was flying regularly I looking into getting a trig tt21, but paired along with a ty91 radio at £3000 its almost more than the cost of the aircraft. 

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Hi Tom,


I replaced the radio in BZNP with an ICOM A6E. I understand ICOM have now discontinued that model and only sell the all singing, all dancing, all expensive types.

The A6E still comes up on ebay fairly regularly.




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G-MVIR Bought via Rod Humphries in 2013ish. I renewed a lot including nuts and bolts, fuel lines, screen. Added padding to the seats. Also polished the tank and then painted the pod. It is at Wickenby, I used to fly 3 or 4 times a week but not at all for the last 4 years. I may get going again this year but the engine hasn’t turned in all that time and I guess I need an 8.33 radio/intercom. What set up do people use now for radios and maybe transponder? G-MVIR still has an icom handheld and communica intercom on a battery.




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