M K Ramadoss

Now that Adyar Theosophy is secretly claiming to be a religion, let us look at what is needed for anyone to claim to head a religion in India.
Hindus revere religious heads. It is not easy to be a religious head. Many sacrifices have to be made and it is worth it. Firstly one has to become a Sanyasi. Irrevocably give up everything - family, money, all assets. Then need to lead a difficult life. One is in streets - homeless man - living on public charity. Daily beg for food (you cannot go to a restaurant and eat) and public will feed you. If you don't get fed on a day, you go starving. You use the sanyasi uniform - two pieces of yellow or orange cloth - one to wear and other used for keeping you warm on cold days. You sleep in the 'street' not on a comfortable mattress in air conditioned room, but on the piece of cloth. When a religious leader does all this, public revere and whereever you go, you get preferential treatment. Public seek your wisdom to address their personal problems. You are in great demand from politicians or man on the street.
When you see the claim of Adyar Theosophy in the secret contract document, we don't think anyone in the leadership gave serious thought what the long term implications are especially personally to anyone who wants to be the Pope of new theosophy Religion. Once the implications are seen, we hope the religion claim revoked without delay. Let us keep tuned.

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