Now You can Donate to Adyar from outside India

M K Ramadoss

Now You can Donate to Adyar from outside India

To donate money to Adyar from outside India, the Government requires it remitted to a special bank account setup to receive it and sender has to specify end use of the money. This is to make sure that incoming money is tracked and its end use is enforced. The fund details are in public domain. Till recently, the account information was not in any TS publication for reasons unknown. One may be sending donations to Wheaton or Netherlands accounts. These accounts had no transparency. The bank account is now available. Generously donate to help the ongoing renovation. You can be sure it reaches Adyar and will earn a lot of good Karma. Here are the details of the account ---

Account Name: The Theosophical Society

Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd.

Branch Name: Besant Nagar

Branch Address: T-31, 7th Ave., MG Rd., Besant Nagar, Chennai - 600 090

Bank A/C No.: 50100248273283

IFS Code: HDFC0000010 (0 = zero)


Purpose of remittance: --- YOUR SPECIFY --