M K Ramadoss


The secret Nadar Lease deal we have been discussing last two weeks has a Great Sacrilege. Theosophical Society is now claiming to be a Religious Organization. Repeatedly in all theosophical literature every leader and scholar has clearly stated that Theosophy is NOT A RELIGION and Theosophical Society is NOT a Religious Organization.

No one has denied that the declaration is in the secret document.

In time when the document sees the light of the day, you can see for yourself. The pitiful fact is that all the leaders around the world are behind this declaration. We are sure the inspiration did not come from the Theosophical Mahatmas. You can figure out where the inspiration came from. If the inspiration continues, the future of TS does not look good.

How do you sell Theosophy to the masses?

Let us keep tuned.

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