BLESSING IN DISGUISE !!! - Kicked out members

M K Ramadoss

Current theosophical leaders are all on salary, secretly enjoying theosophy money donated for spreading theosophy. Theosophy was spread world wide by unselfish volunteers like HPB and Olcott who gave everything and did not enjoy theosophy money.
American Section has dismal history of spreading theosophy to minorities especially blacks. The combination of money and lack of diversity, cannot but create real bad Karma for anyone who understands what theosophy is and supporting “salaried priests” and by donating money and labor. Unknowingly they are creating very bad Karma for themselves. Theosophists not putting into practice brotherhood they were presented by theosophy.

HPB said that when we fail in our efforts, the real reason is Nature (Karma) is doing us a favor by preventing us taking a wrong path. At the time of failure we do not understand the real truth behind failure.

There is a pandemic going on in TS. Volunteers are kickout and in India, the matter is in courts. Olcott could not come to take any action against a brother who was troublesome. Yet for current day leaders, kicking out is an easy and legal decision, but most hurtful for spread of theosophy and TS since world is watching and nothing can be kept secret today. In the USA it is done very fast - within hours setting a record!

Put yourself in the shoes of the person kicked out. They are sad and sorry, especially if they are a member of Esoteric Section since they are automatically kicked out of the latter as well. Looked at Karmically, kicking out is a great favor done to them. By supporting "salaried priests" and organizational activities lacking diversity, you are creating bad serious Karma. Kicking out stops creating bad Karma. It's a priceless blessing.

So anyone kicked out should thank Karma and rejoice and thank the good fortune. All theosophists should send their good thoughts (this the advise Olcott got from his Guru) to those who mistakenly think kicking out is purifying the nucleus of Universal Brotherhood in TS!

Anyone can spread theosophy by putting into practice Universal Brotherhood in their daily lives. Only by action one become a better and happy person.