M K Ramadoss


In 1882, Olcott and HPB bought 28 acres.

Besant expanded it under instructions from her Master.

By 2011, it was 266 acres. Besant donated lot of her own money to buy the property.

In late 1960s, when Sri Ram was President, a part of land was sold as lots for single family homes.

Insiders were able to buy the lots.

It was so hush-hush that none of the members in Bengaluru (200 miles away) knew about the sale.

Bengaluru has one of the biggest lodges in the World.

The members learnt about the sale from East African TS newsletter.

Early in 1970, Tamil Nadu Government passed an ordinance taking over the property. Shocked members all over India, wrote to the President and Prime Minister to stop the acquisition. Fortunately due to the intervention of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, the ordinance was rescinded. TS had good contact with her and this helped.

Next significant development was monetizing 14 acres for Rs. 512 crores ($66million) by leasing it to Nadar Trust to build a school.

The deal is for 43 years with lock-in of rent at very low escalation of 2.5% per year.

There is nothing in common between the objectives of parties.

We also do not know if Tim Boyd got any instructions from the Adepts to monetize.

Very unlikely the Adepts advised monetization as money cannot spread theosophy. Only unselfish unpaid volunteers can do it.

Look for current Tamil Nadu Government acquire the land for a token compensation.

Current Chief Minister is personally familiar with Adyar Estate. There is no justification to object the acquisition.

Let us keep tuned