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This question comes up often from inquirers. H P Blavatsky in her book – Key to Theosophy, this was the very first question and she clearly states it is NOT a Religion. She was one of the founders and had the privilege of being trained by one of the Theosophical Mahatmas who are the real Founders of Theosophical Movement.

This question came up again because in the super secret lease contract with Nadar Trust leasing Adyar land for 43 years, it is proclaimed that Theosophical Society is a religious organization. It is in writing and signed off by the President supported by all the Heads of National Sections. Motivation why this wrong claim was made in the document is anyone’s guess. Since the document was super secret with non disclosure clauses, it seems to be believed that no one would find it out. Lo and behold, thanks to Chennai newsmedia, public became aware of the lease.

As a student of theosophy, writer found out there is a very good article on Wiki. All theosophical leaders who believe Theosophy is a Religion will greatly benefit by reading it. Link is provided below:

Kalnitsky is quoted in his thesis - “that there is "a general sense of confusion" and a lack of understanding by the public about the true nature of the Theosophical movement. In particular, it is often assumed that the movement is a religion.”

The recent claim by leaders is causing a lot of confusion even among long time students of theosophy. Till today, theosophical leaders are silent. Going forward it is going to be very difficult to spread theosophy to the world. Today, everyone Googles and when a potential follower of theosophy Googles, will land himself/herself a lot of confusion and there would be great resistance to anything religious or sects.

Fortunately the presence of Facebook and Twitter are a great blessing. We are able to discuss it for free without any censorship. You will do a great favor to theosophy if you ask for a response from your theosophical leader. It may be a displeasing question. But it should be raised since our duty is towards theosophy and not individuals.

Anyone is welcome to comment on the above so that we can minimize the damage done to Theosophy by today’s leadership.


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