M K Ramadoss

Parties to the deal thought they can keep it secret. Unfortunately, newsmedia in Chennai discovered it and gave wide publicity. Google search also cites newsmedia articles. It would be a good idea for Government to condemn the property and keep it prestine. TS can receive a token compensation and be happy.


Please read all the comments of this Facebook posting. Someone has tagged the Greater Chennai Corporation and the Tamil Nadu Government to stop this. 

M K Ramadoss


HPB states in Key to Theosophy -
Theosophy is Divine Knowledge or Science. She explains Theo-Sophia as Divine Wisdom - Wisdom such as that possessed by the gods.
In the secret mega lease contract with Nadar Trust it is stated
“Theosophy encompasses wider religious philosophies like Vedanta, Mahayana Buddhism, Qabbalah and Sufism.” This is official under the signature of Tim Boyd, President
There is nothing in common between the declared objects of Theosophical Society and that of Shiv Nadar Trust which is managed by Nadar family.
TS is Registered under Societies Registration Act and Trust is registered under Trust Act. This is a significant distinction.
When Registered Society monetizes its property for a project that does not further its declared objects, Government can step in and revoke registration with disastrous consequences
Let us keep tuned

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