M K Ramadoss


This was the warning to Annie Besant from Mahatma KH. It came in 1900 long before she succeeded Col Olcott as President. Mahatma foresaw a predisposition of Besant for secrecy. When she was elected as International President, she held two other offices also – Head of Esoteric Section, and Head of Co-Masonry. It consolidated her control over the administration of Theosophical Society and members. Membership in Esoteric Section involves personal pledged to her. Head has autocratic powers. Can kick out anyone. Kicking out is traumatic. ES membership is essential to move up the leadership TS even today.

Annie Besant had such a great personal integrity and great loving personality that every one supported her leadership and concentration of power was never an issue. During her leadership, her administration became more and more secretive and her successors continued the secrecy of operation. It continues even today.

Nadar lease deal is massive. It is thru newsmedia that we all became aware. Till today, TS members have not been informed by their leaders. One gets the feeling that it is treated like nuclear secrets.

Money and Sex has brought downfall of many. Money is a great temptation and many big deals have turned to be big scandals destroying organizations and people. Theosophists are supposed to have the wisdom to learn lessons from history and avoid mistakes of others.

The mega deal with Nadar Trust has brought unnecessary public attention to TS and its undeveloped estate at Adyar, most of which is not used for spreading theosophy, its main object. Let us keep tuned to see the consequences of unnecessary secrecy.

Writer has more confidence in the warning of Mahatma than in the wisdom of current President and General Council.

Surely any theosophist would agree


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