Afro American Theosophists in USA

M K Ramadoss

Unless you have lived in USA for many years & witnessed first hand the injustice Blacks and minorities have faced and are facing, you cannot understand the seriousness of the issue. American public have become sensitized to the issue.

Theosophy was launched for all. The Wise Men behind the movement made it clear that it has to reach the common man. The foundation is very simple and anyone can understand - Universal Brotherhood. It will bring peace and happiness for all.

Unfortunately Theosophy has not spread to Blacks in USA in 145 yrs in the land where theosophy was launched in 1875.

American theosophy leaders are responsible. No one else can be blamed.

The issue is critical to future of theosophy in USA.

- Theosophists in Europe cannot understand

- Theosophists in India cannot understand

- Theosophists in South America cannot understand

- Theosophists in Asia cannot understand

It's now on the lap of American Theosophical leaders.

Status quo is not acceptable. 

Time for urgent action

Theosophists in USA need to raise and demand action from their leaders. If they don't respond, it is time to find replacements who will save theosophy in USA.