Good News - American Section

M K Ramadoss

Several months ago when Covid19 shut down the normal operations at the American Section Headquarters, there was a furlough of hard working staff. Fortunately Government stepped in to help through a program called PPP giving a grant of 2-1/2 months' salary and operating expenses.
American Section too got the money. But was very secretive about it. Instead, there was a frantic call asking for donations.
When the PPP money was received, it leaked out on Facebook by a staff member. Next day it was taken down. No further information was available. But workers came back from furlough. We do not know if all of them were restored.
Now we know what happened.
On April 8, 2020, American Section received $254,900 protecting 43 salaried persons inclusive of top officials.
While donation solicitation is ongoing, we should thank the USA taxpayers helping American Section. And we should thank the transparency of the Government.
With help from Kern Foundation and Fetzer Trust and generosity of theosophists, looks like there is enough money to keep the operations.
But no one discusses the most critical problem facing American Section. It is lack of diversity especially afro american members. This is a very sensitive issue and can become a critical issue in the coming days.
Unless this issue is addressed quickly, future of Theosophy in America thru Theosophical Society looks grim.
Let us keep tuned.


Best Policy on Diversity & Inclusion explained. 
"I want to reinforce that our focus on Black/African American and Hispanic/Latino executive representation builds on the ongoing and important work to create a powerfully diverse and broadly inclusive organization. Our passion and commitment to Asian talent in leadership roles remains steadfast, as does our work in all aspects of diversity. We look forward to advancing our efforts and sharing more on our progress."