American Section & Fetzer Trust

M K Ramadoss

John Fetzer, a very successful American Businessman set up $500 million dollar foundation. He had lifelong interest in Channeling and Mediums.

Fetzer Trust is partnering with American Section and offering a Quest ebook for free. Trust must be generous in helping American Section when it very badly needs money.

Today there was an offer by the Trust - a free video and study guide on A Course in Miracles, a work claimed directly dictated by Lord Jesus thru channelling

Is American Section/Krotona going to offer online courses in mediumship and channelling?

Fetzer Trust will be very generous



"The question of the last issue to the readers, if TS Adyar in North-America (TSA) should help the people and not vice versa, was answered 80:20 with a clear yes."