Mr. Vora's Book: The influence of the Theosophical Society on World Thought by Bhupendra R. Vora

Jayananda Hiranandani

M K Ramadoss

Thanks for posting the info.
Theosophists around the world have done and are doing outstanding job.

But currently, American Section has a serious existential issue on its hand.
The current leaders have inherited the problem - it is lack of diversity in its membership.

This has dawned on some of us due to BLS movement. Current websites taking money from theosophical sources have been silent for obvious reasons.

Theosophy News, being financially independent, has publicised it here and in Facebook and Twitter. The membership in USA has been dwindling and last figure we have is from 2017. The count is 3,323 and today's numbers are unavailable and suspect it is around 3,000. Four decades ago it was 8,000 and the drop is shocking.

Unless diversity happens, in time current organization would disappear.

We are all waiting to hear from the leaders what their plans are.

Anyone wants to comment?


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