Lack of Diversity in Theosophical Society - A Comment

M K Ramadoss

Lack of Diversity in Theosophical Society


Dominique Johnson (who is Black and from Chicago,) commented on the Internet blog The American Minervan -


In all my years, when I did some volunteering at the T.S. (Illinois), I’ve only seen 3 other Black people outside of the Society, and one was a kid that came in asking Pablo Sender at the time, was the Theosophical Society Illuminati.

I’ve also attributed the decline in membership in the wider distrust and conspiratorial theories affecting perception about Theosophy, or the history of Esoteric Tradition in general. It is not the sole problem, but it is part of it. I forgot the book I read from, but it explained, that by the 1930s, the T.S. was in inevitable decline, because the Krishnamurti issue finally established it in the mind of the public as a sham. This is one reason I made this blog to educate on the history, but I had learned that some didn’t like the blog. Youth Groups were canceled from the top leadership. The reason given was lack of success in bringing in membership. It used to be, that Christianity and established traditions were declining, and people sought out alternatives (they still are), but that brought out a century of cults, phony gurus, etc. The fascination with “The Orient” wore out, for one reason due to so much fraud and scandals alongside the swift and relentless campaign Evangelicals went on throughout the 20th century against “Occultism” and foreign influences. I could give a very honest multiple number of reasons for the decline of the Theosophical Society, but apparently just talking about makes those in the Society uncomfortable. I don’t know why they won’t listen. As to Black people in America, I cannot speak for all of course, but I have studied my own community, which would be hard to convince, given Christian and Islamic influence, including agnosticism or atheism (though quiet), and many pro-Black alternative traditions, mostly all steeped in conspiratorial thinking, i.e., Anti-Theosophy, Anti-Masonry, Illuminati conspiracy. These groups often mention H.P. Blavatsky in their lectures albeit through a negative twisted lens. The conversation is dominated by a racial perspective.”