Theosophists in USA - Need for action to expand diversity

M K Ramadoss

Modern theosophy movement was launched in 1875 in New York. The object was to spread the idea of Universal Brotherhood. It was a far cry at a time when this was done. Thanks to the foresight and wisdom of the Rishis from Himalayas. The movement spread around the world. But more than 50% has always been in India. United States stood second. But during last four decades, the following has dropped 50%. The reason was very simple. No real effort to take the philosophy to the growing multi-cultural society, which USA is. The following in the USA does not mirror the diversity of the country. None of the leaders have openly acknowledged the lack of diversity and their plans to solve it.

BLM movement has made some students of theosophy see the problem very clearly. Any theosophical gathering would speak for lack of diversity. Extremely few from minorities - especially black and hispanic.

For theosophists outside USA, it may be very difficult to understand the situation. Here is a news item which can help them. The article highlights -
"'They (blacks) can't march anymore or they can't bare their souls anymore to what they've lived with for hundreds of years.'

Carroll said the heart of the problem was that 'white guys came over from Europe' with a 'great idea' about democracy and freedom and equality for all, but it has never come to fruition.

'That's not what happened because we went down this other road here — follow the economics and rich white guys making money,' he said.

'And they put together a system of slavery.

'And we've never left it, really. It's never gone away.

'And the really amazing thing that I've learned is black people know the truth. They know exactly what's going on. It's white people that don't know.' "

TN Comment: Hope American Theosophists are reading and understand the seriousness of the situation and should wake up and demand urgent action. If leaders continue to be silent and no committal in acknowledging the problem and announce steps to make theosophical followers mirror Universal Brotherhood, you and me have to take the lead in our hands. Today tools are there. Right steps will attract money needed, because it is the Natural Law and early pioneer selfless volunteers have proved it around the world.

Read and enjoy the article