M K Ramadoss


TRUTH: Theosophy is NOT A RELIGION –
Key to Theosophy – H P Blavatsky
UNTRUTH: Theosophical Society - a religious institution
Nadar Trust Lease (secret) – Signed by Tim Boyd

Students of theosophy search for Truth. When they see an UNTRUTH, they should recognize it. In this case they do!

The secret claim TS is a religious institution is a shock to many students of theosophy. All the more so because the claim seems to have unanimous support of General Council which has many scholars, lecturers, writers, philosophers, academics, occultists, possibly Initiates and even a PhD. All of them are also members of the exclusive (secret) Esoteric Section and should know what theosophy is and is not

We may hear more about new Theosophical Religion?

Let us keep tuned

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