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Pavel Axentiev

Neural lights =
Renewal lights =
And though it’s cold tonight 
This is a world of light

On Sat, Jan 1, 2022 at 5:56 AM Ramu <peacebliss@...> wrote:
Here is something for New Year.

Contemplation on some fundamental truths of existence, instead of the often short-lived New Year Resolution.

The 4 Dimensions of Philosophy of Life

The 4 Dimensions of Philosophy of Nature of Existence, for understanding life and life's experiences, are:

1. Aspective / Perspective dimension in which the observer and the observed or the experiencer and what is experienced or the knower and the known, cannot be separated or cannot stand alone. 

2. Situational dimension wherein circumstances, situations and conditions bring about or influence subject / object interactions or encounters and their outcomes. 

3. A subject dimension that determines form and contents of objects of experience. 

4. An object dimension in which thinking and experiences are objectified. 

If one is sensitively aware of these four dimensions, one will be able to deal with life and it's demands effectively.

Kind regards,

Pavel A.

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