Breaking News - American Section Annual Dues Going up

M K Ramadoss

Recently Indian Section abolished admission fees and annual dues. Zero fees or dues!!!

However, just learnt that American Section has INCREASED the annual dues starting from 2022.
We can understand how American Section is really needs more and more money especially when membership is going down and down.
Theosophy is not cheap. You have to pay a price for it and no one in USA will complain since theosophy is priceless.
Also feel free to send any donations to the American Section, they will be thankful.
The only observation of Theosophy News has is USA needs more theosophical diversity - Blacks and minorities which is badly lacking today as every theosophist in USA knows.
Let is all pray for the day of diversity.

Theosophy News and has demonstrated that theosophical work can be done with very little money by unpaid committed theosophical volunteers. They also do not accept any money or in kind resources from any organization to keep their independence.
Thanks to all.


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