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Higher you rise, unmeritedly & underservedly, greater is the height by which you will fall; and your fall will be harder too.

Couldn't agree more. 
On Mon, Sep 13, 2021, 11:14 AM M K Ramadoss <mkr777@...> wrote:

It is a pity American Theosophists will be seen as White racists. Visit any theosophical gathering - convention, conference, meeting and you will be lucky to find a single Black.

American Theosophists have been preaching Universal Brotherhood for 145 years but have done nothing to spread the Divine Wisdom to all segments in a country which is a melting pot where the future lies with minorities. But apparently systemically maintaining Whitiness and have not seen any recognition of the fact. This issue is never discussed by any "Theosophist" in USA any time in the past!

Amy Barrett, a White Supreme Court Justice in USA is a real Theosophist. She may not know what theosophy is or Universal Brotherhood is. But she has adopted two black kids. Have you ever seen a White American Theosophist adopting a Black kid? Recently she made following statement in a lecture and which speaks for itself.

“I have an important job, but I certainly am no more important than anyone else in the grocery store checkout line,” Barrett said, describing how her relationship with her children — who are not “particularly impressed” with her high-profile post — helps her stay grounded in her “regular life” where she is busy “running carpools, throwing birthday parties, being ordered around.”


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