Dugpas' Success in hurtin Theosophy

M K Ramadoss


Dugpas’ mission is to work against all good movements helping Humanity

In USA they are very successesful

They cleverly combined White racism and money and we are witnessing daily shrinkage (8,000 three decades ago and now 3,500) and hurt good name of Theosophy

No diversity after 145 years in a country where ‘black and brown’ account for half population

Salaried priests” have no clue to lead a mission and are happy enjoying theosophy money

Woe to those who have fallen prey to Dugpas

A “black or brown” volunteer self sacrificing Knight is needed to clean up the mess and take theosophy to the masses

It will happen because suffering Humanity can be helped by Theosophy

Only question is when?

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