Interlocking of TS with Esoteric Section and Egyptian Rite -

M K Ramadoss

Longtime members know about interlocking. Every TS leader is a member "personally pledged" to the Head of Esoteric Section who also heads ultra secret Egyptian Rite. First disclosure of ER was by Gregory Tillett in CWL Bio.

The greatest breakthru in well documented information is recent three volume publication by Joseph Ross. Our gratitude goes to him. Also our gratitude goes to Rukmini Arundale, one of the original members of ER for providing documents to Ross and which made sure that the facts came to light even though it took a long time. Rukmini also made sure that the invaluable documents does not fall into the hands of theosophical leadership.

Also revealing is the discussion by well known historian  Jerry Hejka Ekins published by Anton Rozman. Rozman need to be congratulated for his initiative.

Authentic information comes only from independent sources. Any info funded by theosophy money needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Krotona Archives publication and Jerry Hejka Ekins discussion can be accessed at the following links. Read and enjoy

M K Ramadoss

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