Time to take Theosophy to Blacks and Minorities in USA

M K Ramadoss

USA is a melting pot of immigrants from all over the world. As such the field is very fertile to spread Theosophy.

Unfortunately, even after 145 years you will find very few minorities in theosophy especially the black community. It is time to act so that theosophy can help all the minorities.

Present theosophical organizations have failed and it is not time to research why they failed - either due to incompetence or neglect or systemic issues.

A quick solution is to form an independent tax exempt organization with the help of many unselfish theosophy students of all colors. It should have practical transparent plans to reach the minority community at grass roots level. Once it is done, funding will come from Kern Foundation and Fetzer Trust. Kern Foundation can be expected to be the major supporter because its object is to spread theosophy to the masses in USA.

Free professional help is waiting from volunteer theosophists to launch the organization and get tax exempt status.

It's time for all dedicated unselfish theosophists to think about it.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

M K Ramadoss

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