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In the discussions that took place, discovered that while Dr. Gregory Tillett was at Adyar researching for his bio on C W Leadbeater, fell ill and became more ill when he took the pills a doctor prescribed. Getting worried, Tillett rushed back to Australia and recovered. When Tillett returned to Australia, he took with him the vial containing left over pills. The Australian doctor told Tillett that the pills were very toxic and if he had consumed them it would have killed him. I did not know about this incident till a few days back. Had I known, I would have contacted Tillett and got more info.
Coats and Taimni die within a short period. There have been speculation how they died since neither were very sick.
Anyone wants to add?


On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 12:56 PM Ramu <peacebliss@...> wrote:
How did John Coats and Taimni die?

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