True Facts Needed about membership in USA

M K Ramadoss

One of the most troubling facts is the lack of diversity in membership of TS in America. There are very very few black (afro american) members. This has been the case since 1875.
Theosophy is greatly needed in USA and with right presentation can attract the masses.
The seriousness of lack of diversity can be understood only if facts are available.
There is no disclosure of the number of members in USA in -

Theosophical Society
Esoteric Section (this is no more secret and the interlocking is also no secret)
Egyptian Rite (the super secret invitation only group - a lot of info recently published)

Once we know the numbers, we can all see seriousness of the situation. Theosophy cannot be spread to the masses without addressing the minorities in USA who are growing each day. If theosophy is seen as a cult and appealing to only white men and women, soon there would be a public outcry and will hurt true theosophists (who are selfless volunteers and are not making a living from or enjoying theosophy money!) and what further problems will arise, we do not know. HPB once commented on the possibility of TS shutting down in USA and stated the TS will never die in India.

Lack of diversity is a very very critical issue. Hope the leaders wake up and come with a plan to take theosophy to the masses in USA.



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