A Great Message from one of the Adepts – 1934

M K Ramadoss

A Great Message from one of the Adepts – 1934

It is inspiring and relevant today as it was spoken in 1934. Credit goes to Joseph Ross in publishing it in his book on Egyptian Rite.While it is long, it is worth reading and we all can benefit by it



The Masters brought the Theosophical Society into being as a channel through which Their Principles might be given to the world; and it was needful that the Brothers of that Society should and shall do all in their power to live those Principles, and aid others to live them. Those Principles have been lost, nay, deliberately misstated and misused; and therefore I bid you restudy Our Principles and test your lives by them. The Society should be composed of unsectarian seekers after Truth, servers of Humanity, spiritual people checking the advance of materialism and the oppression of the humble and the poor. It should be an Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, colour or class; studying Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science; investigating the laws of Nature and the powers of man.

These Principles can be seen in any copy of The Theosophist, and I would draw attention to the stress that is rightly laid on Truth, freedom of thought, and allegiance only to the Principles mentioned above. I will quote:

“The Members of the General Council earnestly request every member of the Theosophical Society to maintain, defend and act upon these fundamental principles of the Society, and also fearlessly to exercise his own right of liberty of thought and of expression thereof, within the limits of courtesy and consideration for others”.

I say to you, not in vain criticism but as One Who stands for Justice and Love and Truth, that these great Principles, although printed for all to see in The Theosophist are deliberately violated by certain of your Leaders, and that the very reverse of those Principles is the practice of many in the Society today.

I will say no more of this matter. I only wish to indicate the lack of Brotherhood, Freedom, Truth, Justice and Belief that exists in the Society now. I am ashamed, yes, when I contemplate not only your Principles, but the desecration that has been wrought under your Symbol — the Symbol of the All-encompassing Serpent of Eternity and Fecundity, the Serpent of Universal Life and Brotherhood that is Oneness; the interlaced Triangles of the Wisdom of the Ever Light-Dark, Father-Mother Deity Who is beyond all; the Occult Seal of Knowledge within which is the holy Ankh, the Key of the Gods, the Revealer of the Mysteries, the Life-Force, the Holy Ghost, the Inspirer and Creator of mankind.

Then the Dharma, the ever-recurring Wheel of the Law, is represented by the Swastika of Our Lord the Buddha, and above all is the Most Holy and Sacred Name OM. The Holy Trinity Who rules the world is thus your Standard—OM, the Father; Ankh, the Holy Ghost; and Swastika, the Son. Again, as there are Truths beyond Truths in Our Principles, so there are Mysteries beyond Mysteries in Our Symbols. The karma of these Principles and of these Symbols is great indeed. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Satyan nasti paro Dharma. There is no Religion higher than Truth. There is no Religion higher than the Way, and the Way is the Law. Have not your great Founders taught you to seek Truth, that is the Way and the law, always? Has not Our Beloved Krishnaji, whose Teaching is so near to Our Own, told you this also? Is not your Bond of Union a common aspiration towards the Mysteries; and should not, according to your great Founders who spoke for Us, all antagonism, all falsehood, all uncharitableness, all bigotry, all ill-will be cast from you into the outermost darkness?

Is the occult discernment of your Leaders so uncertain that they must either reject Me or await the result of a discussion between both parties, presumably your Leaders and My Messengers, and not till then come forth with a pronouncement of the Truth or falsehood of My Message? Surely those who are attuned to the influences that the Masters bring, especially such pronounced influences as My Own and that of the Master Morya, need not await a discussion before they can tell if they are deceived or not....

My Pupils, what think you Our Beloved Daughter, Madame Blavatsky, kind Upasika, Our first Messenger to the modern world, feels about the low ebb of sentimental spirituality that now pervades you all, and the neurotic leaning on authority and escape from Life which is the attitude of mind into which you are all falling? You have often been shaken in your Faith. You have suffered reverses, but these should strengthen you the more, if you are psychologically free from superstition and from fear. Like the Religions of old the Society has fallen under the evil sway of Priestcraft. How often have We to say that Priests are the servants of Gods and men, and not their Lords?


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