Why Theosophy not Spreading in USA

M K Ramadoss

Just got the 2019 Income tax return for Cleveland, Ohio, USA branch. In USA, the tax returns are public since taxpayer is subsidizing them by not paying income and other taxes. The US Congress wants the public as watch dog to oversee the charitable non tax paying organizations. Of course these organizations are not happy since they want to keep money matters secret. This includes the American Section of TS. (Years ago, they wanted the writer to personally travel 1,000 miles to pick up a couple of pages – violating the law!!!)

Here is the revealing details:

The branch donated a total of $64,000.

American Section received $51,000

Other local charities including Theosophical Order of Service ($2,000) received $13,000.

Unless money is used locally, how do you spread the message of theosophy?

What is surprising is that the investment broker and accountant were well paid!!!

Investment Broker $5,000

Accountant $3,000

If branches send all their money to National Headquarters, no wonder the membership is shrinking everyday.

You can see for yourself future of Theosophy in USA.

Also cannot be overlooked is the fact that there are no black members in Cleveland branch even though nearly 40% of the population is Black. Theosophy was not launched to exclude anyone!


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