Future of Theosophy is Great

M K Ramadoss

Future of Theosophy is Great

There are many unselfish honest theosophists who are imbued with the spirit of Universal Brotherhood & practice it every day and are happy from the satisfaction of helping their brothers and sisters Most of them you will find in India today.

Internet demands transparency. Today’s young reject secret cults and groups demanding implicit obedience to a man or woman. Nor any secret groups and secret rituals are accepted as pathway to personal salvation.

Situation in USA is serious. Where are the black members after 145 yrs? Unless American Theosophists take theosophy to blacks and minorities, the future is bleak. Public opinion will see theosophy as discriminatory & shut down theosophy organizations because taxpayer money is subsidizing them.

Internet social forums is the salvation of theosophy. You and me are going to lead the revolution to take theosophy to the masses and our honest transparent approach will resonate with them

Get ready?


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