UltraSecret ER – Cat is out of the bag

M K Ramadoss

Ultra Secret ER – Cat is out of the bag

Anyone who is attracted to the first object – Universal Brotherhood and joins the Theosophical Society is unaware of the cross membership in ES, Co-Masonic, and ER.

Legally they are independent entities. But without membership in them, you cannot climb the organizational ladder. One makes personal pledges of secrecy and there is a camaraderie and elitistness driven by the powerful belief of accelerated spiritual progress towards chelaship of an Adept. It keeps all silent. That is a reason for lack of members’ participation in social media. Good standing in the Theosophical Society is a pre-requisite. So losing the membership results in automatic termination from these organizations (except Co-Masonic). Termination is psychologically traumatic event like you being prevented from entering your Church or Temple. It is a great leverage on members.

Sri Ram and Radha Burnier headed all the organizations and members’ personal pledges consolidated their power.

Gregory Tillett, author of CWL bio was the first one to reveal secret ER. He was working on a publication on ER. Unfortunately, he died before he completed it. Fortunately, Joseph Ross, author of Krotona History, has released a publication which reveals cross linkages of these organizations. It is not yet available for sale. It has very valuable unpublished information that would delight any student of history of Theosophical Society.

Any one who wants to join the Theosophical Society should read it so they know what they are getting into.

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