Re: American Theosophy Now a Cult?

M K Ramadoss

Thanks Pavel
The issue of treatment of "blacks" in USA is a very sensitive and serious one. One has to live a long time in USA to understand it.
I have lived a very long time in USA and a recent theosophical incident opened my eyes to the lack of afro american members in theosophy in USA.
I have seen only 1-1/2 black theosophists during the last nearly fifty years.
The role of Thesophical Society is to spread theosophy to all.
A Great Adept commented:
"The white race must be the first to stretch out the hand of fellowship to the dark nations, to call the poor despised “nigger” brother."
The message is clear.

New York, Chicago, Houston have several thousands of black citizens. But rarely you will find theosophists. Theosophy has not reached them. Surely it is systematic since no theosophical leader in the last 50 years have discussed it.

In India, certain segment is called "untouchable". Theosophical Society has effectively reached them and treated them a equal to the top class "Brahmins". In the State of Karnataka, this was effectively done more than 100 years ago and today it has as many theosophists as entire USA has.
Apart from the failure of leaders - past and present - not taking steps to take theosophy to the blacks and other minorities, the issue has never been discussed.

When you visit any theosophical conference or meeting in USA, you will rarely see blacks.

Theosophical Society is not a private organization. It does not pay taxes. So public is indirectly subsidizing its nearly $3million annually. Hence, Public can question if it is not living upto its objective of Universal Brotherhood. Losing the tax free status will kill the Society in USA.
Only because this discussion list is independent and does not take any money from any organization, we are able to discuss it and it is a blessing from the High.

M K Ramadoss
Theosophy News Reporter
San Antonio , Texas, USA

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 6:24 PM Pavel Axentiev <eternaldelight100@...> wrote:
It’s not up to the Society or the leaders that the society is not multiracial enough. It’s up to the people themselves to join or not to join. At least that is my basic, uninformed opinion. 

Also, the previous President (now the President of the Theosophical Society Adyar), Tim Boyd, was black, or so looked to me. What more do you want?

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 5:39 AM M K Ramadoss <mkr777@...> wrote:

    American Theosophy now a Cult???

  • Earmark stands out

  • Claims Universal Brotherhood

  • But lacks diversity after 145 years

  • Have you seen black theosophists?

  • Surely not accidental

  • Leaders past & present silent on diversity

  • Branches lack diversity

  • Lack due to clever orchestration?

  • Branches send their money to HQ forgetting local poor and needy

  • Leaders on salary like salaried Priests

  • Unnecessary secrecy on money matters

  • Leaders personally pledged to Head of Esoteric Section – Heart of theosophy

  • Any one joining Esoteric Section becomes silent – typical of cults

  • Daily shrinking of followers with million dollar annual funding

  • Secretly kicking out followers – some sixty year followers

  • Good name of Theosophy gets ruined

  • Should unselfish theosophists stay silent supporting status quo?

  • USA Public don’t support cults – soon tax preference will go away

  • Theosophists need to wake up soon


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