Re: Future of Theosophical Society in America?

Ramanujachary nallanchakravarti

This is not only in America, world over the same situation prevails.
Perhaps rewriting the books in an understandable and easy style is needed.
Book-reading has gone down among the public  for the reason they're busy in making livelihood and a general trend that 'I know everything '.,even as soaked in butter ignorance. 

Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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Subject: [theosophy] Future of Theosophical Society in America?

Future of Theosophical Society in America?

• Membership shrinking daily
• Pumping money has not helped (Kern $1million)
• Desperate for more and more and more money
• Salaried professionals (like Priests) not helped
• Lecturing Brotherhood has not helped
• Avoiding minorities has not helped
• Inspiration from Ojai Esoteric School not helped
• Kicking out members has not helped
• Not practicing Universal Brotherhood
• Very very few blacks and minorities
• Silent followers is not helping
• Lack of black and minority members may be seen as discriminatory leading to loss of tax exemption
• Difficult to sell theosophy due to all of the above

Has anyone any ideas to turn around?
New ideas badly needed

Praying to Gods and Gurus may help


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