Future of Theosophical Society in America?

M K Ramadoss

Future of Theosophical Society in America?

• Membership shrinking daily
• Pumping money has not helped (Kern $1million)
• Desperate for more and more and more money
• Salaried professionals (like Priests) not helped
• Lecturing Brotherhood has not helped
• Avoiding minorities has not helped
• Inspiration from Ojai Esoteric School not helped
• Kicking out members has not helped
• Not practicing Universal Brotherhood
• Very very few blacks and minorities
• Silent followers is not helping
• Lack of black and minority members may be seen as discriminatory leading to loss of tax exemption
• Difficult to sell theosophy due to all of the above

Has anyone any ideas to turn around?
New ideas badly needed

Praying to Gods and Gurus may help


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