Mystery of No Black Theosophists in USA

M K Ramadoss

Dr. John Algeo, well known theosophical scholar and long time member and held the offices of International Vice President as well as National President of American Section lived in Athens, Georgia which has 27.5% Afro Americans.

John never spoke about lack of blacks in Theosophy. He did not talk about it even when he moved to Wheaton as National President. He was a very smart man who foresaw the organizational difficulties due to transparency that Internet brought about.

One wonders why he could not talk about the topic. One has to speculate that there was some organizational unwritten systemic (secret) policy which he dare not confront.

The silence of his successors raises the same issue. We know the lack of black members which is a fact.. It is a serious  situation because the masses in USA have been sensitized to the injustice faced by Blacks for many many years and public is in a mood to redress the injustice.

The Motto of Theosophy was stated by HPB -

For me and for every Theosophist there ought to be no distinction between
races, color, creed, ideas or anything

Theosophy has to go to blacks and minorities. Kern Foundation generously funds $1million annually and with that kind of money a lot of progress is possible.

Kern Foundation can also help in this objective. Kern setup the Foundation to spread theosophy to ALL which is line with the public policy applicable to all tax exempt organizations which benefit from taxpayer money.

Kern Trustee - The Northern Trust has a fiduciary duty to see the money is effectively spent to meet the Kern's objectives.



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