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Pavel Axentiev

And how were the HPB’s prophecies regarding T Subba Row’s reincarnation fulfilled, may I ask?

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T Subba Row (1856-’90)
Dr N C Ramanujachary
The contribution of T Subba Row to the Theosophical Movement is indeed very valuable.
Having read Isis Unveiled he entered into correspondence with HPB,  which lead to a long and cherished association with both the Founders. His first letter to HPB shows his eager interest in Occult Science and the ‘Ineffable word’. He was instrumental for Founders’ visit to Madras and the location of HQ at Adyar. He had put in his efforts to formulate and systematize the philosophy of Theosophy. His Occult knowledge, highly appreciated by the Adepts occasionally, also speaks for his Chelaship of One among Them, even before the establishment of the theosophical association and his joining that.
He was very sensitive to Occult literature and its practices, could not tolerate the sacrilege to that Science such as teaching to ineligible persons. He was not averse to Teaching the Westerners. He edited The Theosophist on behalf of HPB when she was away from HQ, Chennai. He was a member of the Council and also the Counsel for TS. A Medal was constituted in his name, at the insistence of a Master, to be awarded to an author every year. He lived a very short life of 33 years. Childless, he authorized his wife to adopt a boy.
He was the Secretary and later President of Madras Theosophical Society’s Branch. He did not appear to have visited any places, including Eluru and Kakinada (his native places in the composite Madras presidency, now in Andhrapradesh) on any Lecture tour for the TS. Perhaps his professional work being a very busy Lawyer at Madras did not permit him the time. But he had many chelas for himself, to mention a few: C Ramiah, VVSAvadhani, Subramania Iyer, Bhavani Shanker ; Ookley, CWL etc.) He helped many on the Path.
It was his desire to retire early from the professional work, and lead a retired and relaxed life to write Books on Prasthanatraya. Kapila was his Ideal. He had contacts with Jupiter and other Masters. He was to be an assistant author for The Secret Doctrine, but for reasons already on record did not work on it. He liked the Proem. HPB, the author, immortalized him by immensely quoting from his Bhagavad-gita Lectures. His statements on Occult Philosophy stand the test of time.
HPB made 3 prophesies in her Obituary note on him: He should come back soon; be born in South India; and must have longer life. They were, it appears, fulfilled.

Literature is for Portrayal of Philosophic Ideas.

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