Here is Blavatsky on the topic: 

HPB said: 
“The third basic idea to be held is that Man is the microcosm. As he is so, then all the Hierarchies of the Heavens exist within him. But in truth there is neither Macrocosm nor Microcosm but ONE EXISTENCE. Great and small are such only as viewed by a limited consciousness. Fourth and last basic idea to be held is that expressed in the Great Hermetic Axiom. It really sums up and synthesizes all the others: ‘As is the inner, so is the outer; as is the great so is the small;  as it is above, so it is below; there is but One Life and Law: and he that worketh it is ONE. Nothing is inner, nothing is outer; nothing is great, nothing is small; nothing is high, nothing is low, in the Divine Economy’.”

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Perhaps others in this group would like to chime in, too.

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"Each of us contains the spark of universal consciousness."

Is that some theory?

What is the basis of assertion of "universal consciousness" and for each of us containing its spark?


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