American Theosophists missed a great opportunity???

M K Ramadoss

American Theosophists missed a great opportunity???

When theosophy movement was launched in 1875 it tried to spread a simple message – Universal Brotherhood. Only two Eastern Adepts knew its long term potential to help suffering Humanity.

It was launched in United States as it was an evolving multi-cultural society and Universal Brotherhood can create a powerful new society that would set a standard for rest of the world.

What do you see today when you go to any gathering of theosophists in USA? Utter lack of diversity. It is the result of mistaken priorities chosen by well meaning dedicated leaders of past. Unfortunately, it continues today with no sign of open recognition of the problem and immediate plans to address the issue.

Already the theosophists in USA have shrunk 50% in four decades. Today’s Internet environment is speeding up societal changes. BLM is an example.

If status quo continues, present theosophical groups in USA will disappear in short time. Theosophists need to decide if they want to hitch their future to a failing structure.

There are still many dedicated, unselfish committed men and women who see the larger meaning of Brotherhood and how its practical application will solve many social problems we see today. It's time for the ‘soldiers for a forlorn hope’ get into action.

One of the most effective tools in the hands of you and me is the access to Facebook and Twitter. We have to think of creative techniques to help spread Universal Brotherhood. Be prepared for vested interests to attack you because the status quo is threatened.



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